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Terms of Service: Beware of what they really say!

May 03, 2013 Comments Off on Terms of Service: Beware of what they really say! by

If you provide content to anyone for the web including your local Realtor, beware of the issues. The headline could read, Homeowners and Content Providers Beware. Infringement and liability go hand in hand in many of these and guess who is left holding the bag? One of the most misunderstood and yet one of the […]

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Shooting Technique:

Apr 13, 2013 Comments Off on Shooting Technique: by

 I thought it was about time for an article on the art of taking photographs.  I really prefer the outdoors and wildlife photography. This article will focus on a couple of techniques about taking photographs outdoors in the “wild”. I personally like studying a place or animal I am going to shoot if I can.  […]

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