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Alien in the Arizona Desert

Jan 26, 2016 Comments Off on Alien in the Arizona Desert by

This image is a composite image of a rock formation that is huge, a night sky and a photo of the moon. I have driven past this area in northern Arizona many times in my travels. It is on the Navajo reservation. The highway is very busy with very few areas to pull off and […]

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Basic Nude Photography

Jun 06, 2013 Comments Off on Basic Nude Photography by

The last article on nude photography got a lot of attention but left some wanting more information.  Here are some of the answers to the questions, I hope this helps with your journey to the world of artistic nude photography. I think the first thing to do is just give you a list of things […]

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Photoshop and Gamma Correction.

May 17, 2013 Comments Off on Photoshop and Gamma Correction. by

You need to understand when editing or correcting a digital photo is that the camera/sensor sees things differently than the human eye and brain do. The easiest way for me to explain it to people is that the sensor does not handle gamma very well and needs corrected. I know that is an oversimplification of […]

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Tiger by Photoshop

Mar 24, 2013 Comments Off on Tiger by Photoshop by

Like this effect or not, it shows that photographs can be very unique in post as well as in the camera. I am a fan of shooting a great photograph and not working on it for hours in post. That is what this is all about, teaching each other, exploring the different ways to do […]

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