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I started this project with a specific goal in mind. I wanted to write a good article about a nice place to visit and photograph. Over the last couple of years I have spent considerable time in the Golden area. It is a favorite spot of mine so I have decided to change the article from the standard run of the mill tourist information article.Downtown Golden after hoursThe Party is on
I am including a few images I have taken in Golden in the article. I hope they help to let you see that Golden is not just a couple of hour trip in the middle of the day. One part of the story has to be the area on South Golden Road. In the downtown area the street is named Ford but as it heads out of town basically south the name changes to named Jackson and then to Golden Road. The area has the high school with the normal traffic associated with that both vehicle and pedestrian. This part of town has two large grocery stores part of large chains, fast food restaurants, auto part store, tire stores and gas stations. If you keep going through Golden for a couple of miles or so you will hit Interstate 70 and 6th expressway. You will also find a large mall (Colorado Mills) with the normal large mall amenities.

So there is a lot to do in the area. Golden is the center of this article so back to it. The area is full of activities. Biking is a great way to spend time along Clear Creek. So are the parks along the way. It is also a nice walking path along the creek and through town. One of my favorite spots is the Clear Creek just across the street from Lions Park on 10th street. This area has the RV parking, the community center, the police and fire stations, library, the visitor center and museum. All within easy walking distance of each other and downtown especially on the “river” walk as some call it.The bridge after hours

I am quite partial to the Clear Creek White Water Park area. It is an area you can picnic right on the creek and watch or enjoy the water. The creek does have high and low levels but it is always fast moving. You can walk along it for quite a distance on the Golden mile as it is called. I ride my bike and walk it. The walkway can get crowded at times especially on the Saturdays the Farmers Market is open.

With that I am done with the tourist information. I personally find the place very relaxing as it starts to get dark. The walkway and much of the area is well light at night. A bridge over the creek is lighted with several large lampposts. As the evening turns to night the area slows down considerably. For a photographer, now the fun starts. While taking images of people in the parks and general areas the town has so much more to offer. The center part of town is full of places to visit, shop eat and yes drink. It has places that have been in business since the mid-eighteen hundreds. The Buffalo Rose is one of them. I find the statures that are everywhere to be world class and something you should not pass up without a serious look.Outside the Buffalo Rose

I am posting this article on examiner for the people who may have never heard of Golden Colorado other than the advertisements for Coors Beer. Speaking of that it is nice to see a company invest in the town where it is located the way they do. It is also nice to see the pride they take in their work area. It is one of the best night shots you can take from the streets in town. It is quite beautiful with all the lights and the reflections on Clear Creek. Yes the beer is made using the water from the creek. Fresh mountain water running through town and part of it is directed into the brewery.

I have included images I have taken of the area and some of the businesses that are lit up at night as many are open late. It is a safe town to walk around at night. I have done that many times. I really like the bridge on Washington (Main Street) that goes over Clear Creek and the walkway. It is stunning at night. I should mention that you can dine in the area on the creek also. The Golden Hotel is right on the water with its porch and dining facing the water. There is one very puzzling thing about the area next to the Vanover Park at the corner of Washington and Ford. There is a very nice large statue of a man carrying a child on his shoulders. The statue is splits the lanes as they come off the bridge. It is very well lit as you leave town and showing the backsides of the people in it. The front side is a different story. I have been there several times to photograph it at night and the front of them as you come into town is not lit. I did shot one image the other night with a flash just to have the statue with the night street scene behind it. It is a very large statue so take note.The unlit statue coming into town

I cannot tell you everything about the place in one article but I must mention the police department. While I am sure the other departments are just as friendly and competent as the police department we all know that the police have a different type of duty to perform. I have had nothing but good or great experiences with the officers in Golden. I have been given extra time after hours to shoot as have others. I have walked into the middle of the street in downtown Golden to get some of the shots as have others without a problem. I have been watched but I think that was more for my safety in case I missed something while looking through the viewfinder.
I must mention one particular officer that helped me with a situation that happened in Golden. His name is Bob Wilson. I have to admit I was taken back a little by his business card as it stated he was an officer but was also a K9 officer and it also said explosives. He is a long time officer who helped me with my situation and resolved it to my great satisfaction. He deserves to be mentioned.Bear Creek Stables crew relaxing after a hard day

I would be neglecting the area if I did not mention the Park Rangers who regularly patrol the parks in this close knit area of parks. I will mention one thing. The parks do not allow smoking, drinking or glass containers and keep the animals on leashes. They are zero tolerance items. I will also mention at Lions Park there is an area that is back in parking only. You will get ticketed if you just pull in.
I really hope that this article will help you find the time to visit Golden. I am going to do another article about the place down the road a bit. It is quite a place to visit and to relax and go tubing on the creek. I have met some very interesting people and seen some very interesting sights. I have met locals from places like Bear Creek Stables that come out to enjoy the place after hours. The students from the mining college are constantly showing up. I have met couples that come and pan for gold in the creek. Remember that Denver and Golden are from the gold rush days.

I am putting up a gallery on with pictures of the people and places around Golden including many of the night shots. I hope you enjoy them.


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