Alien in the Arizona Desert

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This image is a composite image of a rock formation that is huge, a night sky and a photo of the moon.
I have driven past this area in northern Arizona many times in my travels. It is on the Navajo reservation. The highway is very busy with very few areas to pull off and take photos. I think that is a mistake. The image itself was in color shot with a Nikon D700 on July 1, 2010. The lens was a Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 ED VR II. The image was from a fast moving vehicle shot through the side window.
It is such a large formation that I could not get it all in the shot with the 70-200 even though we were probably a mile away from it. If you have never shot out west you should try it sometime. It may change your perspective on things.
I was asked why I have not posted this image before and the simple answer is that I just got it back. It was missing for about 3 years. I cannot discuss it more.
The human brain has a way of taking what we see and making it look like something when it really is just a formation of rock or clouds as examples.
I am going to work on the images as I have 3 of them now and see which one comes out the best. I did add the star field and the moon to this image. Not sure about doing the other images this way but one has to be creative.
Who says aliens are not real?

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