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A couple of days ago marked the 6th year since MJ died. The magazine and studio 1 non profit were something she wanted me to finish. She knew very little about the non profit but she was quite aware of the magazine. I have taken a couple of days this weekend to focus on what I wanted to do with the magazine. The options were close it, leave it to float along or grab it and do the work. I chose the last option. There are changes coming in the design and the function of parts of it. It is and will continue to be a teaching and news magazine. I have decided to make it a more commercially driven site than it is now. It needs to carry its own weight and grow. It is and has been a separate legal entity from me. I am looking into getting someone to run it and help it grow. Some decisions will be held off until I get that accomplished.


This site and David George Photography are being prepared to be reworked.  New images will be added and the idea of retail sales has been put on the table. The sites will be updated to reflect the way the sites are visited. Studio 1 Magazine is a separate legal entity from me and this site. It has its own rules and policies. I am currently looking into having someone else handle that site.

The chat rooms will be added back. See new page in the page list for future articles and comments including the next articles under consideration and general notes about the site and its future

The galleries on both sites will require registration to view the full galleries. Articles will be a short summary with registration a requirement for full articles. The lessons will be open for all to see without registrations.  Your comments, concerns and input are welcome. Privacy, usage and copyright policies are also being reviewed.

Comments on sales of prints via sell media or e-commerce are welcome as both are being looked into at this time. A pricing matrix has yet to be addressed.  Prints are not licenses so there will have to be some work on both to complete the matrix. Please use the Contact/Comments page for your responses.

UPDATE: You may experience different looking themes as we try new ones for the site. The looks may be very strange as some will not work with the current theme to show a preview. They will require a complete install to preview. Articles and images may not appear. This will be a short lived item on each theme tested. The current goal is to test a theme for a couple of days and then change to a new one with several in line to be tested.

Chat room will be opened shortly. Not sure if the format will be the same but your privacy will be protected like before. No record of you comments will be kept and you can post just using a guest id. Your chat can be private in a private room also. Those you may keep for time but will also be auto removed depending on your setup.

Movie review is under discussion. It is not my favorite but if things progress well it might be someone else doing them.

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