Policy On Publishing Information in Articles

Publishing Policy for articles from the Staff of Studio 1 Magazine, Inc..


We strive to make all articles written by staff current, fair and factual. We have a policy to notify people involved in any story when it is appropriate or if we have current contact information if their name may be disclosed in a situation that could be detrimental to them or their reputation.  If they have been previously notified our obligation may be waived.  There is no requirement for notification if something has been disclosed publicaly prior to the article.  If a person has made any of the information we use public prior to our story we are free to use any information in any form and in any way.

We may not disclose a person’s name in a story if they file a privacy notice with us prior to the story or any part of a series being published and if their name can be kept out of the text. There are exceptions to that rule.  A name listed on a photograph is exempt from our policy as we will not alter a photograph.  We have a large area of Fair Use to work in and we will protect our right to do so. If a person has acted blatantly and if their name is a major part of the story we may chose to use a name.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Studio 1 Magazine, Inc. by using our contact page.

Articles posted by students, outside personnel or the general public are not subject to our policies and the person posting them is responsible for any and all information contained in their articles or stories. Studio 1 Magazine, Inc is not responsible for content not provided by it or its staff directly.

Please note and keep in mind that we are a teaching magazine first but we are also a news magazine for things that can affect our mission and goals.  We operate under the educational, opinion, commentary and teaching Fair Use guidelines for copyrighted materials and we also operate under the 1st amendment free speech and freedom of the press rules.

We may change this policy at anytime or decide to not contact anyone concerning an article at our discretion alone.

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