Long Nighttime exposures

Aug 07, 2015 Comments Off on Long Nighttime exposures by

I am including in this article a short bit of information concerning shooting long nighttime images. This will include shots of a local park well after dark in Colorado. The images were shot using a Nikon D700, a couple of different lenses, a good tripod when I used one and a Nikon cable release. I […]

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Golden Colorado

Jul 31, 2015 Comments Off on Golden Colorado by

I started this project with a specific goal in mind. I wanted to write a good article about a nice place to visit and photograph. Over the last couple of years I have spent considerable time in the Golden area. It is a favorite spot of mine so I have decided to change the article […]

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Travel photography article 1

Jun 26, 2015 Comments Off on Travel photography article 1 by

This article was going to be a large article about the trials and tribulations of traveling for photographs. I changed my mind about how to approach the idea of writing articles on the art of being a traveling photographer. I am going to focus more on some of the important people and the services they […]

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Photographing strange items are they supernatural events

Mar 27, 2015 Comments Off on Photographing strange items are they supernatural events by

I am going a little off base with this article about supernatural photography. First, yes I believe there are things we do not know or understand that we run into on an occasion. That does not mean every dust particle or dandruff particle you photograph is a supernatural orb. Please. The idea of photographing anything […]

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Backbutton focusing and presetting camera

Mar 23, 2015 Comments Off on Backbutton focusing and presetting camera by

One of the best techniques for capturing unexpected events is to preset your camera. I preset mine all the time. I also code my cameras for every shoot. That helps with the tracking of the images when they get all mixed up on sites and on the computer. It also helps with proving ownership of […]

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